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Ravens Creek Farm True Free Range Eggs 700g


Our eggs are laid by a group of happy chooks who roam around our paddocks during the day, and snuggle up to sleep in our custom made portable shelters at night. 

You can often see the shelters in the paddock from the veranda of our cafe.As with all animals on Ravens Creek Farm, our chooks live a peaceful and contented life, free to express all their natural behaviours all day long. At different times our eggs may look paler than the eggs that you purchase from the supermarket, which are often artificially coloured through dyes in the chook feed. You can rest assured that pasture-raised hens produce healthier eggs than confined, conventionally raised birds.   This is because they have a rich and varied diet, feasting on grass, grubs and grains. Studies suggest the nutritional content of eggs from hens that forage daily on a grass have higher levels of omega 3 and Vitamins A and E, and lower levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and omega 6.

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RC Eggs 700g.jpeg